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Emma Hitchcock

Emma has been a personal trainer, Olympic weightlifting coach and CrossFit coach for over 8 years and always knew one day she wanted to open her own CrossFit facility. She started Decennia originally as a weightlifting club out of another local gym, sometimes having to share one platform between five people, so the plan was always to find a bigger space she could call her own. Thanks to Fishersgate Boxing Club who Decnnia share their space with the dream is now a reality.

Emma found CrossFit whilst studying for her Personal Training qualification in 2012 and was instantly hooked. She likes the variety it offers and loves that it forces you to work on the things you are not so good at!

Having done some Olympic lifting previously, but gaining more exposure to it whilst CrossFitting, Emma became interested in coaching Olympic lifting as a sport in its own right. She gained her level 1 and 2 British Weightlifting coach license over the next few years and thus Decennia was born.

Aside from training and coaching Emma also likes hiking and playing netball for the Sussex NRG regional squad.

Diploma in Personal Training - L3

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

British Weightlifting Level 1

British Weightlifting Level 2

David qualified as a personal trainer in 2004 after gaining a degree in Biology specializing in human physiology and has now been involved in fitness training and athletic performance for 15 years. After working as a PT and fitness manager in two leading health clubs he discovered CrossFit in 2010 and realised what a powerful form of training it was, With a desire to share the CrossFit methodology with more people he then set up and co-owned one of the few CrossFit boxes in the UK at that time to great success.

Having been a gymnast in his early life and rediscovering bodyweight training in his late twenties, David believes that the foundation for any good CrossFitter is their ability to control and use their own bodyweight. With a multitude of bodyweight skills needed in CrossFit, such as handstands and muscle ups, David runs the popular gymnastic classes at the box to improve members strength, coordination and agility.

When not at the box Davids other passion lies in travelling, exploring new places and surfing in as many tropical destinations as possible!

David Draper

BSc Degree in Biology

Diploma in Personal Training

& Sports Therapy - L3

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1 & 2

British Weightlifting Level 1

UKSCA Olympic Weightlifting

Damien Baudhuin

Damien, or Damo, is originally from the French Alps. As far as he can remember he always loved sports, from skiing at age three to playing multiple team sports in college. He moved to the UK in 2013 to better his English and a year later made the decision to stay in Brighton to study Engineering at the University of Sussex.

He started CrossFit at around the same time to meet new friends and try something new and immediately fell in love with it for its sensation of well-being and steady progress he saw. He started coaching after gaining his CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate in 2016. To Damien a persons well-being means a mix of mental, physical and social health. CrossFit combines these three elements well due to its high intensity workouts and from the relationships created in the classes. Being able to make someone healthier while having fun is truly something that makes Damien love coaching. It is for this reason that he decided to go so far as to change his university course in 2017 to a Sport and Exercise Science degree.

BSc Sports & Exercise Science (ongoing)

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

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